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A Scurvy Dog.[1]

Scurvy Dogs are Undead canines fielded by the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast


Scurvy Dogs are vicious, Unliving beasts, herded into rabid packs by Undead pirates for use in their midnight raids. Most were wild strays from the filthy hovels of Sartosa, taken pity upon by drunken pirates and brought aboard ships as affectionate, if somewhat noisome companions. They are kept in a vicious state through pit fighting, entertaining the crewmen during the occasional prolonged periods of inaction. The dogs are rarely allowed to fight each other all the way through to death or crippling injury, however – their murderous abilities are saved for raids and boarding actions – but the accumulation of scars enhances their menacing appearance, making them ideal raiding companions who serve their masters beyond the death of both. As reanimated pets, they are much less affectionate and a whole lot more noisome, not that a bite from a Scurvy Dog is anything for an Undead pirate to worry about.[1]


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