Screetch, Night Goblin Shaman Lord

Screetch is the Night Goblin shaman who controls the Yellow Eye Tribe. He sleeps on a huge mattress of furs at the rear of his lair, and keeps his supply of Mad Cap Mushrooms nearby on a table. If trouble comes to the tribe, he tries to deal with it using the Squigs and his Night Goblins. If things get tough, he lets Bonk loose and supplements the monster with spells to make sure the threat is neutralized.[1a]

Screetch is quite content for his Night Goblins to live down here undisturbed and has no designs on anything greater — although he does not mind building on his already large cache of treasure. He sends raiding parties into the ruins for the most part to find fresh meat for Bonk, seeing the enormous Squig as the best defence the Night Goblins have.[1a]


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