Bright College

Lord Reicthard was once a Bright Wizard of the Empire. Now, a representation of what becomes of wayward Magisters who defy the Articles of Imperial Magic.[1a]

Throughout the history of the Orders of Magic, only six poor fools have committed acts terrible enough to warrant the punishment of Pacification. The first such miscreant was Magister Lord Reichthard, a master teacher, pyromancer, scholar, and respected member of the Bright Order. While no comment, writing nor record of his abominable acts remains to this day, the tale of his punishment remains in constant circulation.[1a]

The tale is far too bloody and horrific to be recounted here save to tell that Reichthard’s screams lasted sixteen days before they were silenced. Occasionally the more impressionable apprentices may claim sightings of the gibbering, broken shade of Lord Reichthard, but this is usually dismissed as the drunken antics of Journeymen Wizards, looking for amusement.[1a]

Magisters discovering such antics invariably treat the matter with the utmost seriousness, demanding that the Journeymen descend to the furthest cellar of the College and make their apologies to a certain strangely shaped piece of rock. Laughing students invariably return solemn and dedicated to remaining in the bounds of the Lore.[1a]


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