Located between Beeckerhoven and Norden on the road to Erengrad, Schuten is a popular stop both with travellers looking to rest for the night and with hunters in need of a base for their forays into the Bramble Hills to the south. It is home to the Brombeerstrauch Inn, a fortified coaching inn owned by a peglegged Dwarf ex-mercenary, Augustus Hargrimsson. Hargrimsson was granted a lifetime concession to run the inn for saving the life of the local baron, Helmuth Adenauer, from a Wyvern, a fight that cost the Dwarf his leg.[1a]

The inn has stabling for three teams of coach and horse, and Augustus has hired one of his clan cousins to act as blacksmith—an act that has caused no little resentment on the part of the village’s own blacksmith. The inn itself has a large common room that lead to two snugs, while upstairs are several private rooms for those not wishing to sleep in the commons. Hargrimsson, a widower, has his quarters on the ground floor by the kitchen. While Hargrimsson mans the tap, the kitchen is run by a woman from Salzenmund named Erika Fleisch. The food, while not spectacular, is hot and quick to come, which is what tired travellers want. Hargrimsson brews his own beer from local grains and hops, and it is widely believed to be the best in Nordland.[1a]

Life has been hard lately in Schuten, for the war has killed all but military traffic along the road, and the officers who do stay often pay for goods and lodging with promissory notes that are almost impossible to collect. Several of the village’s men were called away to the fighting, and now there are fewer able bodies to tend the fields and harvest the crops when the time comes. If things keep on this way for much longer, the village itself might be ruined.[1a]


In the book "Sigmar's Heirs" the town is labeled "Shoten" under the gazetteer, when the information for said-settlement is written under "Shuten".[1b]


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