"None of us thought much of her. Scrawny thing the Captain dragged out a library in Altdorf, name of Sosber. Kept to herself. Nose in a book. But when we finally faced the Corpse Render, when so-called warriors ran, she stood fast. Her quiet voice rang with the steel as she called out where to strike. Not the heads as you'd think, no, but the body. Steel slew the beast that day, but knowledge made it possible."
Oskar Reisdorf, Mercenary[3a]


Scholars are academicians who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge. Scholars include sages who delve into philosophy and scientific theory, monks who specialize in religious lore, and tutors who strive to educate the children of wealthy Merchants and Nobles. Some Scholars are driven to pursue esoteric or forbidden knowledge. Such a path requires great mental fortitude and a willingness to risk discovery by Witch Hunters and other Zealots. Those that actively study and pursue the law, such as clerks and lawyers, are considered to be a specialized form of Scholar in the Old World.[1a]

Scholars usually have studied at one of the universities of the Old World, often focusing on one or two subjects and learning only enough to provide for a successful career. The most astute scholars return to the university, this time as professors. Poorer scholars find work as scribes, writing for the mostly illiterate population of the Empire.[3a]

A Day in the Life

"Whoever thinks education is a painless endeavor has yet to suffer through von Richstein's treatise on the Border Princes."
Anonymous Scholar[2a]

Scholars spend the bulk of their time each day researching; if they are being paid to do so, their research will delve only into those matters concerning their employer’s request for information. If left to their own devices, most scholars would meticulously follow every lead, every thread of information within their areas of interest to its logical conclusion, cataloging any newly discovered leads for later exploration and study.[2a]

Devoting the bulk of their lives to the accumulation of knowledge, scholars are the learned people that the authorities must turn to on occasion. As such they are sometimes employed by a lord or religious leader and well-paid, but more often than not work freelance and live a hand-to-mouth existence.[2a]

Some specialise in religious or philosophical topics, while others are experts on the subject of law, mathematics, linguistics, science, and even dark, forbidden lore – though short is the tenure of the scholar discovered to be dabbling in lore best left unlearnt.[2a]


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