Schmutzplatz was once a pleasant and genteel square, the focus of much activity for this corner of the Oggasse district of Altdorf. It has seen better days but is a functional and relatively safe part of town. The old half-timbered buildings line the small square overlooking the informal market of opportunist street vendors who gather there.[1a]

Near the centre of the square is a small watch post. It is little more than a shed adorned with the Imperial eagle and painted with military blazons. The paint is faded, the wood rotting. The area is no longer a focus of watch activity, but to fulfill a statutory obligation, a watchman comes for two hours every day and sits inside the post if it is raining, or lounges outside if the weather permits.[1a]

Notable locations on the Schmutzplatz include the Clock Tower, Dove of Love,[1b] and Eagle of Luccini.[1c]


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