Schädelheim is a town in western Reikland, where the River Mos flows into the River Reik. Because of its location on the trade route between Altdorf and Marienburg, it includes many berths for boats and inns for traders. It is also a market town for many settlements throughout the nearby Grootscher Marsh, and ferries run across both the Mos and Reik at Schädelheim.[1a]

Schädelheim is notable for the ancient temple of Morr located to its south. Although it was once grand, its stones are now crumbling. The building may be older than the town itself. Because of it, citizens of Schädelheim have a particular affinity for the God of Death, unique in the predominantly Sigmarite Reikland.[1a] Schädelheim is the center of the Morrian doomsday sect They at the Threshold.[2a]


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