Sceolan is the oldest and most cunning of the Wood Elf warriors. He fights on foot and will usually lead warriors from his own kindred of the Oak Glades. Not only does he use the longbow, but he is an expert hand-to-hand fighter and adept at organising ambushes in the depths of the forest.[1a]

Magic Items

  • The Buckler of Bronze: Sceolan carries a buckler instead of an ordinary shield. This is a small shield with a spiked bronze boss and many bronze studs arranged in an arcane pattern. Not only does this buckler parry the blow of the enemy, but it can be used to strike back at any opponent whose blow is parried.[1a]
  • The Bow of Loren: The Bow of Loren is strung with the hair of Elf maids and enchanted with potent charms for increased power.[1a]


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