Warhammer Tiranoc

Savan of Tiranoc was one of the few pupils of Caledor the Great not to perish during the creation of the Great Vortex. It was he, more than any other, who ensured that Ulthuan's legacy of magic was not lost with Caledor, for he undertook the tutelage of many students in the decades following his master's sacrifice.[1a]

In time, Savan found Ulthuan to offer fewer and fewer challenges that matched his wisdom. Casting aside his duties as a scholar, he traveled the world, seeking the lost treasures of the Old Ones, and communing with the ancient Slann of the southern jungles. Finally, he returned home to Ulthuan to undertake one last exploration - he would ascend the Annulii Mountains and seek the gods who lived upon the summits.[1a]

When Savan finally returned, all who saw him were shocked to see that his hair, once jet-black, was now white as snow. Worse, where his eyes had once been, there were now only scarred and empty sockets. Savan offered no explanation - indeed, he never spoke thereafter. For the rest of his days, Savan never again attempted so much as a cantrip, and refused all attempts by others to learn of what had occurred beyond the clouds. Finally, after years haunted by terrible dreams, Savan climbed to the top of the tallest tower of his mansion, and threw himself from its balcony. In his death, Savan left one last puzzle. Whilst many servants saw him fall, his body was never found. Whether he was rescued before death, or his corpse taken after - and by whom - was never discovered.[1a]


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