Sanglac Castle is an abandoned castle in the heart of the Grey Mountains. A century ago, messengers found it full of the corpses of the noble family living there, mixed with the Orcs they had slain. This is not too unusual, so another noble family was allowed to send a younger son to take over. Within ten years, his whole family was slaughtered in battle with Orcs. The next lord was a knight with years of experience of fighting the Orcs of the mountains, but within fifteen years, he went the same way. At this point, people decided the Orcs could have the castle; it wasn't that valuable.[1a]

Orcs did move in, but scouts aiming to recover kidnap victims found the castle full of dead Orcs, as if they had died fighting amongst themselves. That, again, was not particularly unlikely, but it happened again, and recently even the Orcs have abandoned the place. It seems that there is a group of Orcs that really does not want anyone to live there; which raises the obvious question of "why?"[1a]


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