Part flop-house, part hospital, and part orphanage, Salyak's Arms is an all-purpose service house for the sick, the wounded, and the destitute. It began as a massive traveller's inn, but a century after the Great War, it was purchased by a generous benefactor and presented to the Temple of Salyak, which stands nearby. The Arms still has the shape of a tap-house, and kvas is served in the large common area that doubles as the filled-to-bursting hospital. The square in front of the Arms also functions as the sole court for commoners in Praag. Justice here is meted out as afternoon entertainment in full view of everyone, which ensures the fairness of the judgements. As the Arms is positioned across the Lynsk from the Merchant Quarter, anyone asking for mercy or justice amongst those mercantile streets is said to be "on the wrong side of the river."[1a]


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