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Salyak is the Kislevite goddess of healing and comfort and bears much in common with Shallya of the Empire. Like Shallya, Salyak is depicted as a woman in white or a white bird, and those of her order are charged to tend to the sick whenever possible. Salyak is more of a mother of mercy than a maiden, however, and intercedes less than her Empire counterpart.

Salyak teaches common sense and sound care but will not save those whose time has come. Most prayers to Salyak come from young mothers and nursemaids. Salyak knows how to calm a baby to sleep, how to make sure he eats and sleeps well, and watches over him to make sure he grows up to be a great warrior. Salyak also knows how to dull the pain or remove a shattered limb when the boy grows up and comes back from battle. “Salyak’s Mercy” is the name of a drink given to dying soldiers; it is a mix of koumiss, mandrake, and hemlock that ensures they die quickly and without pain.

Temples to Salyak are mostly found in cities, where there is some access to the requirements of her ministrations and some chance of them working. Uniquely for Kislev, Salyak’s priests can be either male or female. In general, the males tend to the soldiers, while the females work as nursemaids. Some say the priestesses of Salyak are responsible for raising the next generation of Kislev’s warriors and, thus, are vital to the land holding out against Chaos.


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