Tzar Saltan is the bitter ruler of Praag, the city overrun by the armies of Chaos during the last great incursion. Every day is torture for him, for his city is a constant reminder of the horrors suffered by the Kislevites. Whenever Tzar Saltan hears of a Chaos Warband polluting the sacred soil of Kislev he becomes a figure with the wrath of a storm. He gathers his warriors and, with grim determination, attacks the minions of evil, the only joy that is left to him.[1a] Tzar Saltan has lived in Praag long enough that he is completely immune to any fear.[1b]


  • Black Blade - The Black Blade is a scimitar of unknown metal, but its potency in combat cannot be denied. It is only wielded by Tsar Saltan.


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