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Salkalten is one of two towns founded in a failed attempt to draw trade away from Marienburg (see also Neues Emskrank, Nordland). Before the war, it was a sleepy fishing, trading, and smuggling town that sat nearly forgotten off the Middenheim-Erengrad road.

Now, however, it is abuzz with activity. After the defeat of Archaon at Middenheim, Count von Raukov has taken his army north and established his temporary capital at Salkalten, one of the few towns not sacked by the invaders. From here he has sent officers to re-establish contact with and control over the other towns of the North March, Birkewiese and Bohsenfels. Meanwhile, as he hires mercenaries and gathers what Ostlander forces are left, he has made Salkalten into a hub of diplomatic activity, too. Von Raukov has despatched Salkalten’s ruler, Baron von Wolder, to Marienburg to negotiate loans for hiring more troops, while he has sent emissaries to the Emperor’s court to ask for the loan of some Reiksguard for the coming campaign.

Salkalten is rife with another activity, too: espionage. Agents of the Chaos Powers that have established themselves in Ostland have infiltrated Salkalten and other towns to learn the Count’s plans and, if possible, sabotage them. Meanwhile, agents of the Counts of Nordland and Talabecland make inquiries among von Raukov’s men to see if their loyalty can be bought, for each has designs on prostrate Ostland.


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