"The entrance to the tomb was covered with hundreds of corpses. The Beastmen had carved symbols into their skulls, dark runes that seemed to twist and writhe whenever I looked at them, causing my eyes to water. Some of the bodies were fresh; others looked like they had been there for centuries, every last vestige of flesh stripped from them. Even as we stared in horror, we began to hear a low wailing emanating from the bones. Suddenly, the air was filled with the pale white forms of hundreds of spirits, twisting and writhing as if in terrible pain."
Heinrich Johannes, procurer of ancient artefacts[1a]

Sacrificed are the spirits bound against their will to protect a location against all intruders. The Sacrificed attack anyone who approaches them, including whoever bound them there. For this reason they are usually found in remote locations, guarding the tombs of powerful servants of Chaos.[1a]


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