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Many legends surround the Sacred Flame of Ulric. As already mentioned, the god himself is said to have guaranteed that the city of Middenheim and its people would endure as long as the flame still burned.[1a]

Another popular superstition is that the flame will not harm a true follower of Ulric. This is most famously recorded in the story of Magnus the Pious and the Year of Shaming. With the Empire divided both by religion and by the ambitions of rival claimants to the throne, the Sigmarite noble Magnus of Nuln came to Middenheim in secret to confront Ulrican claims that the religion of Sigmar was at best a heresy and at worst Chaos-inspired. As the High Priest of Ulric was denouncing him from the pulpit, so the story goes, the young Magnus rose from among the congregation, throwing off his cloak to reveal his identity.[1a]

"If I am a blasphemer," he said calmly, "then the Fire of Ulric will surely consume me." Shrugging off his cloak, he walked into the flame with an unwavering step, and turned to face his accuser. The flame would not burn him, and those present dropped to their knees, recognising that this youth was highly favoured by their god.[1a]

Although suspected heretics were occasionally subjected to the Trial of the Flame in past centuries, today the temple authorities strongly discourage anyone from testing the favour of Ulric by walking into the flame. Every year, though, especially during the winter pilgrimage season, a few people try. Most suffer injury as a result, but sharp-eyed priests pull nearly all from the sacred flame before they can be too badly hurt. There have been no reported miracles for more than a generation.[1a]


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