"Manann ignored me for seven years though I prayed to him every day. Now I am ignoring him."
Sacha Salkirche, ex-Priest of Manann[1a]

Sacha Salkirche is a well-known figure down on the docks of Altdorf. He is a wild looking, tattered man often found begging near the docks or frequenting one of the notoriously rough dockside inns. There is very little to distinguish him at first glance from any number of similar down and outs who inhabit the area.[1a]

However, upon entering a conversation with the man (only really possible if he is getting plenty of drinks bought for him) he will show another side. Suddenly Salkirche will come across as thoughtful and educated, though a faraway look will remain in his eyes.[1a]

The man was in fact a priest of Manann. He went on many voyages of discovery to the New World and even beyond. He has seen sights that the people of the Old World can barely imagine. It was on one of these voyages that he was marooned on a desert island, after a disagreement with his ship's captain.[1a]

He lived as best he could upon the island until rescued seven years later by a passing Empire great ship. Salkirche has gleaned much knowledge on his travels, and can be a great source of stories and insights into the wider world.[1a]


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