Rykarth the Unbreakable is one of the Chaos Dwarf Lords of Zharr-Naggrund.


Rykarth is known for his toughness and courage, which set him apart from other Chaos Dwarfs. In a race of stout-hearted and disciplined warriors, Rykarth is viewed as a paragon of Chaos Dwarfen toughness, resolve, and cunning. He has faced many powerful foes and has triumphed every time. Rykarth himself was present in the forges of Zharr-Naggrund when Archaon signed a deal for the creation and crewing of the daemonic Hellcannons. Some say that Rykarth even met eyes with the Lord of the End Times without looking away. Only moments after which Archaon agreed to pay the hefty commission demanded by the Chaos Dwarfs.[1]

Rykarth was placed in charge of the Chaos Dwarf forces during the War for the Nemesis Crown, leading his armies into the Talabec Borders.[1]

Wargear and Abilities

Amongst the Chaos Dwarfs, Rykarth was among the greatest of his kind. His army never required a standard bearer, for his presence alone was enough to bolster the resolve of his warriors.

  • The "Armour of Gazrakh" - The sheer quality of this armour makes it able to withstand blows of any power.


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