Rune Golems (gronti-duraz in Khazalid, lit. "enduring stone") were among the pinnacles of the runecraft of the old Dwarfs. The first one was said to have been shaped by Thungni, the Ancestor God of Rune magic himself.[1a]

They were stored in the inner sanctums of the oldest Dwarf fortresses, where the Runelords practiced their crafts and kept their Anvils of Doom. During the War of Vengeance, the "old magic" that had empowered the Rune Golems had begun to sink deeper into the earth, out of the reach of any Runelord.[1a] The last one able to command them was Ranuld Silverthumb, the Runelord of Karaz-a-Karak, and even he needed the aid of other Runelords to fully awaken them. The act of attempting to animate the slumbering Golems and use them in the war alone turned him into stone. [1a]


Their design likely inspired the later Rune Guardians, who were a collaboration between Engineers and Runesmiths during the Time of Woes.


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