Cult of Taal and Rhya

Sigil of Taal and Rhya

The Run of the Antlers, sometimes known as a ‘Stag Night,’ is performed on the first week of Summer-Tide, in the villages and hamlets of Talabecland in honour of Taal.[1a]

Young men adorn their heads with the largest set of antlers that they can find and wear the pelts of stags. Another group acts as the hunters, carrying weak bows and arrows with soft heads. The "stags" then take off into the woods, with the hunters following behind, blowing horns and raising a racket. The hunters shoot at the "stags" with their bows and continue long into the morning until all the cultists are captured.[1a]

This festival lasts for an entire week, and the daily "hunts" are punctuated by a tremendous amount of drinking and feasting.[1a]


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