The Ruggbroder Family crest.

The Ruggbroders, a family with roots in Bögenhafen, deal mainly in grain and other farm produce, bringing it into Bögenhafen in exchange for cloth and metal goods produced in the town itself. They used to be the smallest of the major families but they've expanded greatly due to the elimination the Teugens and the sales of foodstuffs to the army for the war effort. They have a virtual monopoly on trade with Helmgart and Bretonnia.[1a]

Since these are overland routes, the Ruggbroders have a longstanding partnership with the Teamsters' Guild. Though they do use the river for some trade, the Haagen-Stevedore alliance means the Ruggbroders must rely on the boats of their suppliers or independent operators.[1b]

Heironymus Ruggbroder is the family patriarch. Though well into his 80s, he only let his son Gosbert take the reins of the business a few years ago. Gosbert, who is already 45, was rather put out that he had to wait so long, and even now Heironymus can't resist meddling. While Gosbert is head of the Merchants' Guild, for example, Heironymus still sits on the town council in the family's seat. The elder Ruggbroder is ancient in Old World terms and many false rumours about his longevity have circulated about town.[1b]


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