Though a Priest, Rufus is in Karak Azgal for other reasons. Years ago, his brother was found out to be a Mutant, and though Rufus did his best to discretely hide this fact, ultimately the Witch Hunters located the afflicted man and burned him at the stake, as all Mutants deserve. Broken and devastated, Rufus tried to bury his brother’s remains on holy ground, but the High Priest refused to say the rites over those touched by Chaos. From then on, Rufus swore revenge, honing his skills to become a competent killer.[1b]

It took many years, but Rufus eventually tracked down his enemy to Karak Azgal. Baldred had no recollection of the man he wronged, and so accepted the man as an assistant. The two worked side-by-side until the moment was right and Rufus tortured the man to death, reminding him of the past misdeed. Now, ten years later, none of the initiates know about the murder or Rufus’ role in it, but there are some rumours floating around about their founder’s death, such as that Baldred was murdered, though not by whom.[1b]

From the temple, Rufus built an assassination ring. He currently has two other assassins working for him. Rufus believes killing is the perfect way to serve Morr, sending souls for his kingdom. Contact is usually made through the cult of Ranald or other underworld figures.[1b]

Rufus plays a dangerous game. While he continues on as the head of the Morr cult, he knows that it is but a matter of time before someone outs him, and should that happen, he has a plan to escape the city unnoticed, having a longstanding relationship with Dmitri. Rufus fears discovery by the Dwarfs, knowing they would shut down his assassination business once they learned of it. Thus, to forestall the inevitable, Rufus is very selective about the jobs he takes, and rarely takes a job involving a mark of significance. The price for such a service is well beyond the means of most people.[1b]


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