The Captain is an average-sized man, but his penetrating blue-grey gaze can make any but the strongest willed look away and feel very small indeed. His light blond hair is close cropped and thinning at the top, but little else betrays his age. A meticulous commander with a precise eye for detail, Rudolf Nierhaus was chosen from among many qualified applicants for the honoured position of commanding the High Watch garrison—a post that carries enormous responsibility for Talabheim’s safety, as the commander of the garrison is in charge of policing the Wizard’s Way.[1b]

The Captain is a man of principle and honour, who never thought he would betray his post. However, the Skaven have cruelly used the Captain’s great love for his wife and daughter against him in order to forward their plans for Talabheim.[1b]

An agent from the Skaven Clan Eshin gave Kristiane Nierhaus the Grey Ague and informed Nierhaus she would only be given an antidote if he complied with their wishes. His daughter believes her father made deals with Dark Gods in order to save her, which is part of the reason she is slowly going insane, as she believes her ongoing health is at the cost of those around her. Nierhaus secretly took small portions from several of the vials of antidote for his daughter until he thought he had enough to pass to Widenhoft for analysis.[1a]

Once people started dropping en masse, the Skaven ordered Nierhaus to convince his superiors to close the city. Nierhaus tried to defy them, in order to buy time for Widenhoft, but they immediately inflicted the plague on his wife and told him that from now on he would only be getting a single dose of antidote each day—forcing him to choose between wife and child. The Captain regretfully complied and sealed the Wizard’s Way, still hoping that Widenhoft’s research might bear fruit. Someone informing him Widenhoft is dead tells him they have probably discovered what he was up to and that time is likely running out for Talabheim. After the Captain sends the messenger on their way, he sends a letter to his superior on the Hunters’ Council, Christoph Stallmaier and then turns his pistols on himself.[1a]


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