The purest of all pegasi, legend has it that Royal Pegasi are descended from Glorfinial himself, the steed of Agilgar, first Duke of Parravon and Grail Companion of Gilles le Breton.


Noble and proud, these creatures are amongst the most intelligent of beasts, often displaying exceptional loyalty for their masters. Most famous of all was the steed of Fandrallan the Flamboyant which loyally tried to defend his severely wounded master from an angry Dragon. Though the dragon was at first unperturbed as the pegasus' gamely attacked it with flailing hooves, the giant beast lost all interest in Fandrallan after it had suffered several wounds. It turned its attention to the pegasus, thus saving the wounded knight. Bretonnian folklore is filled with many other such tales and it is said that only death will separate a Royal Pegasus and his master.[1a]

Only the richest and most powerful nobles own a Royal Pegasus, for they are incredibly rare. Those fortunate enough to own one treat it with the greatest respect, almost as if it were their peer. Each lord will have a handful of Knights Errant in his retinue whose responsibility it is to care for this, his prized possession and noblest of steeds. Peasants are never allowed near these beasts, lest their stench or clumsiness cause the pegasus harm - indeed, tales tell of the obsessive Volstal of Quenelles who executed any peasant that even gazed upon his steed.[1a]

Grail Knights who have tamed the greatest of all Pegasi are commonly gifted with the King's Royal Insignia. On the battlefield, these living saints will often band together as elite Royal Pegasus Knights.[2]


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