Not to be confused with Black Leviathan.

Wh2 dlc11 cst rotting leviathan

A Rotting Leviathan.[1]

Rotting Leviathans the Undead husks of mighty sea Leviathans, who accompany the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast.


A living Leviathan is truly a sight to behold. With the appearance of an immense crab typically measuring at least thirty feet across, its seaweed-strewn carapace is said to be as strong as steel. With beady eyes searching upon stunted stalks, it hunts for prey to grab with its claws and shove into its gaping maw. Although there was once a cult dedicated to worshipping them, Leviathans are thought not to be creatures of Chaos, just naturally destructive ones. Scholars believe that the few which exist live on the deepest sea floors, only ever rising to the surface to wreak havoc on passing galleons. In any case, it is notoriously difficult to control a living Leviathan – only once felled and killed can a Necromancer hope to bring one under their command with the appropriate incantations, a feat only achievable by the most learned magic-users.[1]



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