Scores of settlements line the River Teufel, most easily forgettable, even interchangeable. Not so Rottfurt, whose name is spoken of in hushed, reverential tones by scholars and wizards throughout the Empire. Though primarily a village of shepherds, producing wool and mutton, Rottfurt also produces a famous — and famously pricy — sheepskin parchment: Rottfurt Silver. The parchment possesses a faint sheen, takes ink well, and resists fading far longer than other, lesser parchments.[1a][1b]

Because of this, the thick-wooled, pale sheep of Rottfurt are the village's pride and afforded every comfort. They feed on the luscious grass of the nearby Hammastrat Heights and are generally allowed to wander as they will during the day. The shepherds contribute to a rotating militia, tasked with protecting their precious flocks at all costs.[1b]

However, of late the livestock have been going missing; intriguingly, those on guard have always found themselves falling asleep, despite their best efforts. On waking, another sheep has vanished. What began as a minor frustration has grown to a fullblown obsession for the locals, with as many wild and spectacular theories flying around as there are stars in the heavens.[1b]


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