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The Roppsmenn are a virtually extinct ethnic group of semi-nomadic people who once claimed the lands north-west of Kislev before they're eventual decline as a tribe and as a people. According to legend, the Roppsmenn entered Imperial history when they invaded the lands of the Udoses under the demands of the dreaded Norsii, whom they were forced to fight as slaves when they invaded and took their wives and elders as hostages. They were known to wear pattern cloaks of red and green with heads shaven except for long braids at their ears. Each fighting man was armoured in a mail vest and bore a small wooden buckler and a wide-bladed sword or scimitar into battle.[1a]

Following the death of King Wolfila of the Udoses, Emperor Sigmar led a grand campaign against their people, resulting in nearly ten thousand of their people being put to the sword, leaving only a single thousand of them, mostly woman and children to flee the lands and head to the northern lands beyond the River Lynsk. Ever since their foolish attack against the Empire, the Roppsmen were a broken people, living on the fringes of civilized lands, fearing the wrath of Sigmar's Empire and the savage northern tribes which dwell within Norsca.[1b]

Ever since then, the Roppsmen have lived for centuries within the hostile lands of Troll Country, coexisting with their Ungol cousins to the East. However, when the Gospodars invaded Kislev in -30 IC, the Ungols were forced into the lands of Troll Country and fought their former allies the Roppsmenn for dominance. Having dominated the Roppsmenn before, the Ungols quickly gained the upper hand in the wars they were now forced to fight for territory. In -27 IC, Ungol Warlord Hethis Chaq’s army defeated a Roppsmenn host led by King Weiran on the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Claws. The battle saw the Roppsmenn scattered, and the Ungols take their lands.[2a]

This typically is said to be the point that the Roppsmenn as a people became extinct as the Ungols completely absorbed them into their own culture. Though even to this day, there are scattered bands of horse tribes in the Troll Country who claim to be the living descendants of the original Roppsmenn.[2a]

Remants of the Roppsmenn live in the "Old Town" of Praag,[2b] in the so-called "Roppsmen Ghetto".[2c]


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