Ronsard is a Highwayman, and one of the most famous in Bretonnia. He has only been active for a few years, but tales of his exploits are popular throughout Couronne and are starting to spread beyond. He is famed for his unfailing courtesy, for taking only some of his victims' money and possessions, and for a few occasions in which he helped drive off attacking Orcs or bandits and then accepted a little money "for his trouble."[1a]

A few foolish people have even been known to deliberately take roads he has targeted, in the hopes of meeting him. Ronsard was born an ordinary peasant who fled into outlawry after a disagreement over his taxes. His first years as an Outlaw involved simple robbery with violence; he had no pretensions to be a Herrimault. By pure chance, on one occasion he decided to mock a victim by being excessively polite. The next day, in the tavern, he heard the victim telling the tale of the gentlemanly robber. Ronsard enjoyed the experience and experimented with it again. It was a resounding success, and soon he found himself riding the path of the Highwayman.[1a][1b]

Ronsard is utterly in love with his image. He still lives simply to avoid arousing suspicion, but he spends a lot of time thinking of new ways to augment the legend of Ronsard, Gentleman Highwayman. Anyone poaching on his territory would be severely dealt with.[1b]


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