Rolf Waterbreather is one of those rare cases, an anointed priest with no prior church training. A sailor by occupation, Rolf was well-known among mariners for his skill and his stamina. More than once, he was the only man left standing when a storm struck the ship and tossed the crew about, and more than once his steady hand on the wheel was all that kept the ship safe.[1a]

His peers considered him touched by Manann, and the Sea God evidentially agreed. He came to Rolf in a dream, praising him and offering him a role as Manann's earthly representative. Awed, Rolf agreed. The next morning he awoke to find a black iron circlet on his head and a heavy trident at his side, the symbols of his new calling. From that point on Rolf roamed the seas, moving from ship to ship and port to port, protecting the ships and their crews from storms, raiders, and monsters. He was last seen battling a tentacled behemoth that had devoured an entire war galley. Man and monster sank beneath the waves together, Rolf wrapped in its tentacles and his trident imbedded in the beast's massive eye.[1a]

Many sailors believe Rolf survived and will return to once more take up the duties of his god.[1a]


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