"The Bretonnian swordsman Rodrik L’Anguille may have the appearance of a Questing Knight, but his disposition is that of a downtrodden man with a complicated history. His escapades prior to his arrival in Lustria are unknown, but like all Paladins he must have proven himself with a great feat of arms at some point in the past. Against all the odds, he survived a doomed foray into the treasure-seeker’s death trap that is Xlanhuapec, though at the great cost of losing his entire retinue. Regardless of how little is known of his past, Rodrik has survived for months alone in the Lustrian jungle, where others would barely survive for hours, marking him out as a most resilient soldier indeed."
Prince Rodrik of L'anguille.[2]
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Rodrik of L'Anguille.[4]

Prince Rodrik of L'Anguille was a skilled swordsman, Questing Knight and one of the most famous Bretonnians to have ever ventured into the Lustrian jungle.


"Fool! Can't you see? My father sent us here to die! He wants me dead to protect my half-brother's precious succession. We are masterless men now, and we must seek our own fortune - however we may."
Prince Rodrik, speaking to his men.[1a]

In the year 1847, the Bretonnian Duke Tudual of L'Anguille dispatched his much-loathed bastard son Prince Rodrik on an expedition deep into the jungle of Lustria, hoping, some say, that the obnoxious youth would not return. Many tales are told of the young knight cutting a swathe through the eastern jungles, plundering Lizardmen ruins and even attempting an ill-advised assault upon Amazon Island.[1a]

Rodrik overstretched his luck, however, when he launched an attack upon the temple-city of Xlanhuapec, not realising that it was in fact a fully functioning city and not some poorly guarded ruin. The Lizardmen observed his nonchalant approach, and allowed the army to enter their city before launching a devastating ambush that wiped out the bulk of the invaders' forces in moments. Prince Rodrik and his officers survived the slaughter, but still had to escape Xlanhuapec — and hundreds upon hundreds of enraged Lizardmen, intent on seeing their blood. The knights fought bravely to reach freedom, but against such numbers they eventually fell.[1a]

Rodrik alone was able to fight his way out of the Lizardmen's trap, escaping into the dense jungle. Here, he would become a cold-blooded-killer - a true veteran combatant, experienced in fighting against the fierce monsters of Lustria.[2]

Wargear & Abilities

A skilled swordsman and true survivor, Rodrik was equipped with a variety of exotic and powerful artefacts, taken as spoils of war from the Lizardmen.[1]

  • "Dagger of Sotek" - This ceremonial dagger has taken thousands of sacrifices to the bloodthirsty Sotek, but there is always a need for more.
  • "Shield of the Mirrored Pool" - The face of this shield is dark and reflective, and ripples spread from its centre when it deflects blows. Hostile enemy magic is absorbed by this ancient piece of armour, and may rebound back at the caster.
  • "Aura of Quetzl" - This string of beaded shells, feathers and bones is a charm that surrounds the warrior in a miasma of colour.


  • Portrait of Rodrik de L'Anguille
  • Portrait of Rodrik de L'Anguille


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