Separates an essence from a possessed object and forcibly returns it to the Realm of Chaos.[1a]


When Magnus pushed the forces of Chaos back into the Chaos Wastes, many strange things were found in the ruined city of Praag. One item was a heavy lead rod decorated in strange and twisting runes. The Witch Hunters declared that everything found in the city was suspect and should be destroyed, but the Rod of Separation was spared when it accidentally came into contact with another object of Chaos—a Daemon-possessed sword. When the rod touched the weapon, the sword let loose a horrific shriek and the Daemon within fled like a cloud of black swirling ash. The priests who served Magnus believed this rod was in fact a gift from Sigmar, and its touch was capable of destroying Chaos-tainted objects. Magnus was suspicious, but allowed the object to come back with him to Nuln.[1a]

Once it reached Nuln, it was forgotten in the celebrations of the Empire’s recent victory. Left in a vault, much as the Chalice was, it wasn’t recovered until generations later by Cohl, who snuck into the temple in search of old texts dealing with dark subjects. Cohl recognized the power in the odd object and seized it for himself.[1a]

The Rod of Separation does not in fact destroy the essence of the possessor Daemon. Instead, it forces it back to the Realm of Chaos, essentially liberating the Daemon. Using this item against the Chalice is exactly what the Red Flayer wants, for it will be able to reconstitute itself with the other tatters of his essence and eventually return to the world of men to destroy them. Unfortunately, Cohl doesn’t know this.[1a]


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