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"Them River Trolls is the worst. If they ever move into a lake or river you’re fishing, there’s no getting them out again, leastways not without my help. They pull folks out of their boats and down to their dooms. Worse than that, they eat all the fish. One of them comes to my lake, but I fixed him good and proper. It weren’t easy. First I cursed him. That weakened him a bit. Then I got the whole village together and we cleaned up the lake—dragged it for bodies and junk, stopped people using it to throw rubbish in, even picked out the bits of weed and twig from the surface. After a few weeks of that he moved downriver to the smellier lake by the next village. If that hadn’t have worked I’d have had to stick my knife in him. Everyone’s scared of my knife, even Trolls."

—Petra Langenmesser, Village Fishwife.[1a]

A River Troll belching noxious stomach acids.

A River Troll is a distinct breed of Trolls that live almost exclusively within dirty rivers, marshes and other foul waters, hence their name.


A River Troll somewhat resembles the bottom of the river, if that riverbed is particularly coated in sediment, slime, rotting vegetation, fish carcasses, and various other smelly detritus whose precise nature and origin are too horrible to contemplate. In all probability the River Troll’s stink is even worse than that of the riverbed, since one can add the Troll’s personal miasma to the ill-omened mélange of odours emitted from the mucky smears on its skin.[1b]

Known River Trolls




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