The River Tobol is a slow flowing river within Kislev to later join with the River Urskoy.[1a] As one follows it, the Tobol flows darkly, the soft white noise of its waters quietly comforting and hypnotic as cold wind whips along its length.[1b]

A small valley rests where the river forks at the base of a hill. The ruined hall of the Kajetan estates resides at the top of said-hill, with smaller outbuildings strewn about the valley. A route leading through a cops of firs leads into the southern slopes of the valley, whilst a ford rests near the base of the hill, and dense forest fills the north. No matter from which direction, anyone atop the hill can see anything and everything entering the valley. From here, the tributaries of the Tobol foam through a crease in the snowy folds of the valley, tumbling down over sprays of shale and granite, before meandering across the valley floor to join the lazily flowing main body of the river.[1b]


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