The River Teufel flows down from the mountains to Ubersreik, then northwards to the Reik through Auerswald and Grünburg. Its waters have a distinctly reddish hue caused by iron deposits in the mud and silt, though storytellers suggest it's the unending wars between the Grey Mountain Dwarfs and Goblins that have permanently stained the river red. A great deal of rain feeds into the Teufel and it regularly overflows, especially in spring, frequently flooding its mud-filled waters deep into the surrounding forest. Inns — often built high to avoid floodwater — are common along the Teufel, as are bandits, since much of the river runs through the Reikwald. Road wardens regularly patrol the banks of the Teufel and they are not fond of any that linger without good reason.[1a]


The source of the Teufel is high in the Grey Mountains, beneath the mountain Frugelhorn. From here it cascades into the Teufeltal valley, and runs past the town of Tallerhof and the fortress of Schluesselschloss. The valley then narrows into a steep gorge which the river rushes down towards Ubersreik.[2a]

The Teufel then hits the town of Ubersreik. At this location, many merchants travelling Grey Lady Pass move their wares from river to land routes, or vice-versa.[4a] Downstream from Ubersreik, the river is well-travelled, and inns can be found on the riverbank every twelve miles or so. Later, the river is joined by the Tranig and Ober. Here, it passes within a mile of the town of Stromdorf. It then continues northward, passing the towns of Auerswald and Grunburg.[3]

Past Grunburg, the Teufel flows into a treacherous marshy area known as the Reiker Marshes. This area, located where the Teufel and the Reik converge, is very shallow, and inexperienced captains are likely to run aground. Some of the most dangerous places are marked by flags or signposts, but it is nevertheless wise to hire a huffer, or river guide, when travelling through the marsh. These huffers are frequently found in some of the towns on the marsh's periphery:[1b] Prieze on the Reik to the west of the marsh, Babenborn on the Reik to the east of the marsh, and Buxhead on the Teufel to the south of the marsh.[1b][1c]

Emperor Leopold repeatedly attempted to dredge a channel through the marshes, to no success. The marshes are thus often known as Leopold's Folly. In more recent times, the Grünberg Canal was built to bypass the marshes completely.[1b]


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