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The River Lynsk is the main river in Kislev, in the Old World. The Lynsk supplies a route for trade in Kislev and marks the northern border of the "civilised" part of Kislev. Near its source, the Lynsk joins with the River Talabec, which flows south into the Empire province of Talabecland. Erengrad and Praag, two of Kislev's main cities, are situated on the Lynsk. Erengrad being the port at the Lynsk's mouth where it empties into the Sea of Claws on the west coast of Kislev.

Apart from being an important source of trade for the proud tzardom, the Lynsk is a natural barrier that has often been used to keep the enemies out, most of the time warbands of Chaos. When Kislev is being threatened by a major Chaos incursion the lands to the north are rarely held, as the large plains are hard to patrol and protect against a massive army. Because of this, it is common for the armies (or "Pulks" as the Kislevites call them) to withdraw to Praag and the other crossings, an area far easier to protect.

The river is also a dividing point of the cultures of Kislev. North of the river, the majority of people are of the Ungol peoples, while to the south the Gospodar is dominant. The Gospodar are generally wealthier and more common in powerful positions, which has in some cases been another reason for abandoning the northern areas when invasions are afoot.


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