The people of Bögenhafen claim Bögenauer, their town's patron deity, is responsible for the commerce-blessed state of the River Bögen. A relatively placid river with a clear, smooth, but not overly swift flow, the Bögen readily allows traffic to sail upriver nearly as easily as down. Its great depth allows larger river going vessels to navigate safely from the Reik all the way to Bögenhafen.[1a]

Though its source lies deep in the freezing peaks of the Grey Mountains, the Bögen turns warm as it flows through the hilly Vorbergland.[1a] In fact, this mysterious warming seems to occur at one specific stretch in which the river thins out.[2a] The temperature change also produces fog. Most evenings, fingers of roiling fog rise from the Bögen, wrapping tendrils about nearby settlements and the surrounding Reikwald. This is frequently thick enough to obscure vision, so thieves, smugglers, and worse use it to conceal their nocturnal activities.[1a]


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