The River Arduil is the waterway marking the border of Ellyrion and Avelorn, forming a gentle bow in the coastline of the latter realm where it remains separated from the Sea of Dusk by a forested headland. From here, one can see towering trees rise up from the edge of the land, sprawling forests stretching eastward as far as the eye can see in vivid splashes of green, russets, and gold. Misty with distance, the blue crags of the Annulii are but a distant smudge on the horizon, a barrier between the kingdom of the Everqueen and war-torn Chrace.[1a]

Barely a yard and a half below the surface is the riverbed, impassible to any ship but those of the Asur. Cold and icy from its journey down the flanks of the Annulli, the water churns with the agitation of nymphs near the river's centre.[2a]


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