Volans was the greatest of the human pupils of Teclis, the founder of the Colleges of Magic. It was he who instructed the patriarchs of the colleges to commit their newfound knowledge into a single tome so that Teclis' teachings would never be lost. In all the Empire, it is the only source of arcane knowledge that does not distill the secrets of magic into one of its eight separate winds. However, the human mind is unable to master the full spectrum of sorcery, and every wizard who has attempted to read from the tome has been driven out of his mind. A magical seal was thus placed on the book to protect anyone else from a similar fate, a lock that only Volans' ring can open. This ring has ever since shared a mystical connection to the forbidden tome, and both resonate with raw magical power. A warrior who possesses the Ring of Volans is able, for a small time at least, to harness a tiny fraction of one of the eight Winds of Magic.[1a]


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