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Rhupesh VII of the Third Dynasty of Asaph's Wrath, Ox of the Mountain and Tiger of the High Walls, Bearded Scion of Serpent and Ox, former Priest King of Lybaras, was one of the ancient rulers of Nehekhara. Curiously, he was also a Dwarf.[1a]


As an infant, the future Rhupesh had been found in a floating basket of reeds by the queen of Lybaras. Accompaining him were tablets written in a Runic Script that the Nehekharans could not read. As the queen had been barren, the infant was adopted into the royal family and eventually became king.[1a] The Nehekharans thought nothing of his short height, believing that his incredible strength had reduced his stature with its weight.[1b]

As king, Rhupesh had ruled in a similar manner to all other Priest Kings. Under his reign, the great harbor wall of Lybaras was constructed, which still stands in modern times. His pyramid numbered among the largest in Lybaras and it is said that he had been a master of defensive warfare, who could defeat any enemy as long as he stood on his walls. He had mainly waged war against the Greenskin Tribes that inhabited the Southlands.[1a]

Rhupesh fell during the War of Two Thousand Arrows and was interred with all the panoply and ceremonies befitting a Priest King. As a result, when Nagash casted the Great Ritual, Rhupesh was also raised as part of the undead Tomb Kings. During the War of Kings, he did not raise his weapons against the other dynasties, but rejected the plans of Khalida Neferher, who became the ascendant power over Lybaras. He went willingly into hibernation, waiting for the time when he was needed again.[1a]

Khalida called upon his aid when her domain was threatened by the Lahmian vampire Nitocris.[1a] Battling against the vampire, Rhupesh rode on his chariot again to crush the undead legions raised by the vampire.[1b]


  • Rhupesh's arrival to the city of Lybaras by river within a basket of reeds is a reference to a passage within the Book of Exodus. His adoption by the Queen parallels Moses own adoption into the Egyption Royal family.


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