Rhodegang was born and raised a nomad in the Forest of Arden. His nickname comes from his hair, which is jet black, thick, and all over his body. Even his beard grows quickly. A few people have speculated on the possibility of a Beastman in his ancestry, though no living person has done so within Rhodegang's hearing.[1a]

Rhodegang's father raised him with an intense hatred of Beastmen. One of his earliest memories is of being taken to see what Beastmen had done to a village that wasn't warned in time, and the images still haunt him. Rhodegang started as a hunter, but dedication soon turned him into one of the nomads' foremost experts on the movements of Beastmen. As such information is vital both to the nomads and to settled villages, Rhodegang has earned a great deal of respect.[1a]

He is highly focused (the less charitable say obsessed), but he treats all non-mutated people politely. If they are interested in fighting against Beastmen, he becomes quite enthusiastic. Characters hunting Beastmen in the eastern Arden are very likely to be referred to Rhodegang if they look for a guide, and they will find him very useful in that role. In melee combat, however, he knows his limits and hangs back.[1a]


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