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Reynard the Hunter.[3]

Reynard le Chasseur, also known as Reynard the Hunter, is known far and wide throughout Bretonnia for his passion for hunting.


Reynard has become so expert with his great boar spear that he prefers to use this in battle rather than the traditional Knightly lance. He rides with a hawk perched on his wrist and he is always accompanied by his faithful wolf-hounds Groffe and Griffe, whose savagery and loyalty is unmatched by any hunting hounds in Bretonnia. Reynard likes nothing better than to track down a warband of Orc raiders and set the dogs on them![1a]

Reynard often chooses to lead his retinue of Squires into battle rather than join with other Knights. Indeed, he is well known for regarding battle as just another hunting expedition.[1a]


  • Reynard's Boar Spear - Reynard wields an improvised lance bearing the huge tip of a boar spear. The boar spear has a big, broad spearhead with a crossbar to stop it plunging so far into the prey that Reynard cannot pull it out. These crossbars often result in enemies being transfixed in place when attacked by Reynard's spear, and so it is especially useful at holding monsters at bay.[1][3]
  • Groffe and Griffe, the Chiens de Guerre - Reynard's two wolf-hounds Groffe and Griffe always stay by their master's side in battle, and viciously defend him in hand-to-hand combat. If Reynard were ever to be slain, Groffe and Griffe would turn savage and run amok over the battlefield. They would sniff out large beasts and other strong-smelling creatures in a savage rage.[1]
  • Reynard's Hawk - Reynard has a hunting hawk perched on his wrist. The hawk always attacks anyone who engages Reynard in close combat.[1]


  • The Heraldry of Reynard the Hunter


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