Revenants of Khaine Uniforms

The Revenants of Khaine

The site of the Altar of Khaine, and the resting place of his Widowmaker, the Blighted Isle is sacred ground to both High Elves and Dark Elves. The battles that rage across its shores are amongst the most bitterly contested of any age.[1a]

Worst of all are those battles fought by the Revenants of Khaine. These warriors of Nagarythe have lost all family and friends to the endless war, and have now sworn to defend the Shrine of Khaine from their black-hearted kin. Though other Elves admire the Revenants and their unceasing determination, they also find them unsettling, for the shadow of Khaine lies heavy on every Revenant's vengeful heart.[1a]

The End Times

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Revenants of Khaine Khaine

The Revenants of Khaine at the Battle of the Blighted Isle

Battle of the Blighted Isle

The Revenants of Khaine were formed to prevent the dark elves seizing the Blighted Isle. When word spread that Malekith was marching north to claim the Shrine of Khaine, the revenants came from every corner of the island to stand against him. Though they acknowledged no lesser authority than the Phoenix King, they were prepared to fight to the last - no matter how dark the day.[2a]

Defence of the Eternal Glade

Revenants of Khaine Archaon

The Revenants of Khaine toward the end of the End Times

That the Revenants of Khaine chose to fight alongside Malekith was perplexing to many. It had been they who fought and died on the Blighted Isle to prevent the then Witch King from claiming the Widowmaker. Close-mouthed as ever, they made no attempt to explain their actions, but it was widely assumed they were not so much fighting at Malekith's side as standing ready to end his existence if he turned on his people once again. It is doubtful that Malekith felt threatened by this, as the Revenants had already tried – and failed – to kill him once before.[3a]

The End of All Things

For centuries, the Revenants of Khaine had guarded the Blighted Isle from Malekith, whom they believed to be evil personified. In recent years, their surety had been sorely tested, and they had learnt first-hand that the former Witch King was but one evil amongst many. Now they fought at Malekith's side against a greater threat – proof enough, some said, that the world was coming to an end.[3b]


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