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What is Return of Reckoning?

Return of Reckoning is a Warhammer Online free-to-play private server. Since the closing of the official servers (December 18, 2013). Some people dedicated their time and resources to keep this fabulous game alive. Dyox, one of the main official WAR developers, decided to make his own private server. But after a few months, he decided that he didn't have the drive or time to continue. He then released his source code and a small team worked tirelessly to create the Return of Reckoning: War EMU Private Server.

Unlike other MMORPGs private servers, Return of Reckoning (abbreviated as RoR) is strictly free: No store and no donations are accepted. The obvious reasons are (1) keeping the project away from any financial disputes with Warhammer's IP owner Games Workshop and (2) the complete opposition of having any paywalls or advantages through payments.

"The sole purpose of our private server is to relive, and allow others to freely relive, the golden ages of WAR. We will never accept any sort of donations." - Return of Reckoning Team in the Q&A session.

What's the status of the game in 2021?

RoR envelops between 1000 and 1300 players at peek hours. With all Realm vs Realm zones open, players encounter each others in vast open field battles as they push their faction to victory.

The team behind Return of Reckoning keeps updating the game, fixing bugs and answering player-driven feedback every single week, known as the Weekly Patch. The game itself is almost at the same stage of what it was back in 2013, before its shutdown. The developers have managed to successfully implement city sieges, scenarios, dungeons, new mounts, advanced zoning system, terrain adjustments and numerous other behind the scenes efforts.

As of late 2020, RoR has been given Twitch Drops access which brings a whole new Quality of Life improvement for its player-base. With Twitch Drops, players would consider watching the game's streamers in order to earn in game loot.

On what platforms is RoR present?

RoR is present on Facebook, Twitter and Discord.

These platforms, alongside the forum, are used by the team to communicate upcoming changes and news.

- https://www.facebook.com/returnofreckoning/

- https://twitter.com/WAR_RoR

- https://discord.gg/G9jDWgv