The Remeans and Magrittans are two groups of fanatics within the Cult of Myrmidia. The debate over the site of Myrmidia's birth as a mortal splits the whole cult along cultural lines. For most, it is merely a matter of honour and status. There are extremists on both sides, however, who take things much further.[1a]

These groups believe the Tileans or Estalians (as appropriate) actually opposed Myrmidia, and she led an invasion of their lands to bring the heretics under control. As a consequence, the conquered race should, even now, be the slaves of the conquerors.[1a]

Each group manoeuvres to put natives of its own country into all positions of authority in the cult, and even in secular positions in the other country. They use politics, bribery, slander, treachery, and murder to achieve these aims, believing these tactics are justified by the circumstances. Each side tries to incite all-out war against the other.[1a]

Fortunately, both groups are rather small, and thus have not been able to do much more than fuel a rather chauvinistic climate. The expansion of Myrmidia into the Empire, however, provides them with an opportunity. Imperial citizens are not already committed to one side or the other, and thus could be recruited to support one side. As the cult grows in the Empire, this has the potential to finally tip the balance. As a result, these two sects have recently transferred much of their effort to the Empire, seeking to win over Imperial priests, and to disgrace and remove priests of the other faction. Thus far, the efforts of the two groups are cancelling one another out, and things remain balanced.[1a]


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