Reiner Starke

Magister Patriarch Reiner Starke.

Reiner Starke is the current day Magister Patriarch to the Grey Order of the Empire.


Very little is known about Starke and it is uncertain as to whether what is known is in any way accurate. Leader of the Grey Order, he is said to be a serious man and is reputed to be quite tall, gaunt, and grey-haired with a short well-trimmed silver beard. His age is hard to put a fix on, as he sometimes seems of a great and venerable age, and yet other times he seems to be a fit-looking man in his late thirties. His eyes, however, are always piercing and grey as a storm cloud. A stare from him is enough to make all but the strongest-willed look away first. It is said that when he wishes, he has an engaging smile and a twinkle in his eye. Yet despite his generally imposing presence, Starke is reputed to be a fine teacher of magic and his apprentices have all respected him as no other.[1a]

Starke is ruthless in his dealings with those he sees as the enemies of the Empire and is prepared to sanction almost any means to ensure what he sees as the protection of the Empire. In the more backward country districts he is sometimes mistaken for a Witch Hunter and yet at other times a warlock. If he finds himself in a village or noble household where the people don’t seem properly devoted to Sigmar (something he sees as one of the most important unifying factors of the Empire), Starke thinks nothing of taking steps to restore their faith, using intimidation, lecture, and of course, magic. Needless to say, visits to the Temples of Sigmar increase once Starke has passed through the area.[1a]


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