Großmeister der Ritter d. Weißen Wolfs

Rein Volkhard, Grand Master of the Empire.

Rein Volkhard was the Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf.


Volkhard is a devout follower of Ulric who is never to be seen without his loyal Wolf and his mighty warhammer. He shows particular contempt for those within his order who hide their long hair and beards under the protection of helmets. A veteran of hundreds of battles and strong in his faith, Volkhard is immune to the psychological effects of war. When he fights amongst his fellow knights, they too are inspired by his presence, fighting with the same fearlessness as their master.[1][2]

At some point during the End Times Rein Volkhard was slain, eventually replaced by Axel Weissberg as Grand Master of the order.[3]


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