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Kurt Helborg, incumbent Reiksmarshal.

The rank of Reiksmarshal is one of the highest military ranks within the Empire's military, a position that denotes the warrior as the leader of the Empire's armed forces, second only in command to the Emperor himself.[1b]


The position itself dates back to the time even before the founding of the Empire, when the title was known more formally as Marshal of the Reik, also known as the King's Champion. There had been many Marshals of the Reik during the time of the Unberogen Kings, but the first true Reiksmarshal of the Empire began with the founding of the Empire by Emperor Sigmar Heldenhammer. The first Reiksmarshal was Alfgeir Gunnarson, who served as Emperor Sigmar's most trusted military advisors and commander of the Unberogen armies. The current Reiksmarshal is Kurt Helborg.[2a]

Known Reiksmarshals

Name Tenure Emperor Incumbent Source
Alfgeir Gunnarson Unclear Sigmar First Reiksmarshal of the Empire and military advisor to Emperor Sigmar Heldenhammer
Wolfgart Unclear Took over after Alfgeir travelled to join the Cult of Ulric. Sigmar's sword brother and most trusted friend
Wolfgang Trenkenhoff c. 2304 Magnus the Pious Reiksmarshal of the Empire during the Great War Against Chaos and the Siege of Talabheim. [4]
Wilhelm Hague c. 2505 Karl Franz [3a]
Kurt Helborg 2505-present Current Reiksmarshal [1a]


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