Janicke detests Hochlanders beyond all reason and has barely been able to keep his hatred in check upon the trip. Learning some of the Hochlanders were not just farmers but hunters that were going to not only be allowed but encouraged to become citizens of Talabheim and encroach on “his” woods was difficult for him to swallow. Klaus showing off his outstanding bow and rubbing in Janicke’s face how much better Klaus’ kit was than Janicke caused the woodsman to finally snap. He used his skills to slip unseen to the family’s tent, nominally just to steal Klaus’ bow, at least that’s what he now tells himself. Klaus awoke and Janicke killed him along with his whole family. He used his knowledge of the woods to make the attack seem like an animal’s and then faked some tracks away from the camp. He is now filled with a kind of righteous anxiety—some part of him knows what he did was wrong, but that part is losing the war with the part that feels completely justified. Indeed, he is beginning to contemplate how he may just have to teach more of the Hochlanders a lesson in the future.[1a]

Janicke is a wiry man with weathered skin that resembles jerked beef. He wears a close-cropped beard, which has gone silver before its time due to his hard life. Wide and faintly disturbing watery blue eyes stare out from under the hard depths of his craggy brows. Janicke speaks seldom, and when he does, he uses words sparingly. The only point on which he’ll elaborate is to rail against the Hochlanders who he claims will dilute the purity of Talabheim’s people.[1a][1b]

His hatred is simple, really. His father was a Hochlander hunter who abandoned his mother, a Talabheim peasant woman, to raise a young son on her own. Janicke grew up on tales on the wicked unfaithfulness of Hochlanders. He became a woodsman, in part, to prove he could do it better than any of those “shifty no accounts” from up north. He grew up hunting in the woods around Breitblatt, but in the last year, the Great Forest had grown so dangerous he fled to Taalagrad till better times came again.[1b]


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