Red Reavers

The Red Reavers.

Devotees of Khorne, the Red Reavers were once deadly rivals of the Glottkin until Archaon commanded them to fight under the triplets' banner. Their new loyalty was soon rewarded by more slaughter than they had ever been offered before, and they served the Glottkin willingly.[1a]


The ragged remnants of the Red Reavers had found their allegiance shifting over the course of the Glottkin's invasion. Though they reaped skulls in great measure, the slow onset of infection and the runaway energies of decay had turned them to the worship of Nurgle instead of Khorne. The spilt blood of these once-savage warriors had clotted and hardened into infected scabs, giving them a strange resilience to further bolster their zealous rages in their new identity as The Clotted. Truly blessed is the one who was once lost, but has now seen the light.[1b]


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