Almost seven hundred years after the Black Death, the Skaven struck again with equal force and fury, but this time against Bretonnia. Here the disease of choice became known as the Red Pox, for the bloody welts that appeared on the victim’s face and throat. The Pox was slower to kill than the Black Death, making it slightly easier to contain, but greatly extending the suffering of its victims. It first appeared in Bordeleaux, then some years later in Brionne, before spreading east along the Brienne River, and south into Tilea. Once again, the Skaven waited until the entire southern region was ravaged by disease and depopulation, then attacked. They sacked Brionne and Miragliano, and lay siege to Quenelles. However, the lords of northern Bretonnia were not slow to retaliate, and with the aid of the Elves of Athel Loren and the Duke of Mousillon, Merovech, soon drove the Skaven back underground yet again.[1a]

For the disease itself, Red Pox is short lived, lasting only seven days. Transmitted primarily by drinking infected water, the Pox is characterized by initial symptoms of a very raw throat and uncontrollable shaking. Within a day or so these symptoms are replaced with internal bleeding (often with blood issuing from the nose, mouth, and eyes), violent bloody coughing, and severe internal pain. The disease causes a victim's organs to haemorrhage, and those who die from it often have their insides reduced to a gory mush. The folk remedies for the Red Pox are almost as numerous as its victims and include systematic bleeding, repeated dunking, amputating limbs, drilling holes in the skull, and immersing the victims in frogs.[2a]


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